CaRE2@UF United Against Racism

In recent days, news about the killing of unarmed Black men and women and the subsequent protests in response to the killings has become widespread. The killing of George Floyd has resulted in global protests in support of the Black community. The CaRE2@UF Heath Equity Center works in and with the Black community. Furthermore, our CaRE2@UF family includes Black scientists, staff, postdoctoral fellows, students, advocates and patients. As a Center focused on eliminating cancer health disparities in all under served communities, we consider racism and racial prejudices a public health issue. When people are too afraid to leave their home for a doctor’s visit in fear of their safety, they cannot get the services they need. The gaps between racial and ethnic groups will only widen and cause greater health, social and cultural strain.

At the core of our Center’s mission is equity. The CaRE2@UF Heath Equity Center stands strongly together against racism, prejudice and inequality. We acknowledge the pain and suffering of our Black scientists, staff, postdoctoral fellows, students, advocates and patients.  We stand in solidarity with you.

We are committed daily to the race and to end racism forever in our communities.

Dr. Folakemi Odedina, CaRE2@UF Program Director

Dr. Diana Wilkie, CaRE2@UF Program Director