Planning and Evaluation Core

The Planning and Evaluation Core implements a systematic planning and assessment plan that guides program improvement, document accountability and effectiveness of the UF CaRE2 Health Equity Center.

Alexander Parker, PhD

Principal Investigator, Planning

Dr. Parker headshot

Linda Behar-Horenstein, PhD

Principal Investigator, Evaluation

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Planning and Evaluation Core Assessment Tools (PECAT)

The Planning and Evaluation Core (PEC) has developed a CaREToolkit; the PECAT (Planning and Evaluation Core Assessment Tools). These tools include a variety of surveys that assess each component of CaRE2. These surveys evaluate program effectiveness, mentor effectiveness, community outreach effectiveness, the Cancer Citizenship Program, overall program communication and interactions, and cultural competency. These assessments are to be used as resources for other program evaluators.The toolkit can be found here: PECAT.


Expanded Evaluation Toolkit (EET)

The Expanded Evaluation Toolkit (EET) is a compendium of formative assessments that have been used in assessments of health professional student clinical readiness, faculty development, majority-minority partnerships, mentoring, program effectiveness, the ReTOOL Cancer training program, trainee skill development, and trainee wellness. This toolkit also includes the publications that resulted from the related evaluation studies. the EET can be found here: EET.