Expanded Evaluation Toolkit- Publications

Table of Contents:


Assessing Health Professional Student Clinical Readiness

1)Assessing Readiness for Clinical Practice Students Perspectives

2)Assessing The Effectiveness of a Cadaveric Teaching Model for Performing Arthrocentesis With Veterinary Students

3)Making Connections Veterinary Medicine Student Perceptions’ of Clinical Readiness

4)Student Experiences in Practice-Based Small Animal Clerkships


Faculty Development

1)Faculty Development in The Health Professions a Review of The Literature

2)Addressing Oral Health Disparities

3)Anticipated and Actual Implementation of Case-Based Learning by Dental Faculty Members During and After Training

4)Assessing Faculty Development Needs among Florida’s Allied Dental Faculty

5)College Teachers  Instructional Practices  Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analyses

6)Cultivating Critical Thinking in The Clinical Learning Environment

7)Dental School Student and Faculty Perspectives About Changing to Comprehensive Patient-Care Clinic Management

8)Factors That Advance and Restrict Programme Change and Professional Development in Dental Education

9)Faculty Perceptions of a Professional Development Seminar

10)Impact of Faculty Development on Physical Therapy Professors Beliefs

11)Observation and Assessment of Faculty Development Learning Outcomes

12)Perceived Knowledge, Priorities and Needs Among Veterinary Medicine Faculty

13)Perceptions of Pharmacy Faculty Need for Development in Educational Research

14)Promoting the Teaching of Critical Thinking Skills Through Faculty Development

15)Promoting Physical Therapists Instructional Expertise and Teacher Efficacy

16)The Role of Needs Assessment for Faculty Development Initiatives


Instrument Development

1)Assessment of Psychometric Properties of an Oral Health Care Measure of Cultural Competence Among Dental Students Using Rasch Partial Credit Model 

2) Developing and Testing the Short-Form Knowledge, Efficacy, and Practices Instrument for Assessing Cultural Competence

3)Initial Validation Study of the Self-Rating Scale of Self-Directed Learning (SRSSDL) for Pharmacy Education

4)Reltionships Among the Knowledge, Efficacy, and Practices Instrument, Color-Blind Racial Attitudes Scales, Deamonte Driver Survey, and Defining Issues Test 2

5)The Knowledge, Efficacy, and Practices Instrument for Oral Health Providers- A Vailidity Study with Dental Students

6)The Student-Centered Teachers Beliefs Survey_An Initial Validity Study Based on a Unified Latent Variable Framework

7)Validation method of research instruments for Dental Radiology curriculum study


Majority Minority Partnership Effectiveness

1)Individual Perspectives of Majority/ Minority Partnerships: Who Really Benefits and How?




1)Assessing Mentor Academy Program Effectiveness Using Mixed Methods

2)Efficacy of a Mentor Academy Program a Case Study

3)Enticing Students to Enter Into Undergraduate Research The Instrumentality of an Undergraduate Course

4) Exploring Mentoring in the Context of Team Science

5)From Contemplation to Action Mechanisms of Change in the Mentoring Academy

6)Learning Styles Among Undergraduate ‘Science for All’ Student Scholars

7)Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers- An Exploratory Study of Students’ and Professors’ Perceptions

8)Undergraduate research experiences in the sciences


Program Effectiveness

1)Best Practices in Social and Behavioral Research- A multisite pilot evaluation of the good clinical practice online training course 

2)A mixed Method Approach to Assessing Good Clinical Practice-Computerized Online Learning

3)A Multi-Institutional Study of Dental Student Readiness to Address Adolescent Risk Behaviors

4)A Preliminary Study Curriculum Time Compared to Clinical Procedures in Amalgam and Composite Posterior Restorations

5)Advancing the Practice of CRCs

6)Assessing Participant Group Affiliation and Attitudes Towards CTS

7)Assessing The Impact of Online GCP Training on CRC Perceptions of Adverse Events

8)Clinical Research Coordinators Instructional Preferences For Competency Content Delivery

9)Clinical Translational Students’ Perceptions of Research Ethics Coursework- A Case Study

10)Comparison of Two Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Clerkship Grading Protocols

11)Developing Dental Students’ Awareness of Health Care Disparities and Desire to Serve Vulnerable Populations Through Service-Learning

12)Ensuring Representativeness in Competencies for Research Coordinators(1)

13)Evaluation of Team-Based Learning and Traditional Instruction in Teaching Removable Partial Denture Concepts

14)Exploring How U.S. Dental Schools Teach Removal of Carious Tissues During Cavity Preparations

15)Factors Influencing Students’ Likelihood of Pursuing Academic Dental Careers and Comparison by Under-Represented Minority Status and Gender

16)Incorporating Inter-Professional Education into a Veterinary Medical Curriculum. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education

17)Increasing the Representation of Minority Students in the Biomedical Workforce- the ReTOOL Program

18)Maximizing NVivo Utilities to Analyze Open-Ended Responses

19)Training Impact on Novice and Experienced Research Coordinators

20)What Open-Ended Comments Reveal- An Analysis of a Clinical Translational Science Institute’s Annual Surveys


Trainee Skill Development

1)An Assessment of Faculty and Dental Student Decision-Making in Ethics

2)A Case Study Examining Classroom Instructional Practices at a U.S. Dental School

3)A Mixed Methods Analysis of Changing Student Confidence in an Online Shelter Medicine Course


5)Assessing Cultural Competence among State of Florida’s Allied faculty

6)Building Community in the Veterinary Curriculum Using a Strengths Based Orientation Program

7)Color-Blind Racial Beliefs Among Dental Students and Faculty

8)Dental Student Readiness to Address Adolescent Risk Behaviors- A Pilot Study

9)Dental Student, Resident, and Faculty Attitudes Toward Treating Medicaid Patients

10)Dental Students Expression of Cultural Competence

11)Dental Students’ Knowledge of Resources for LGBT Persons

12)Enhancing Cultural Competence Among Dental Students Through Active teaching and Experiential Learning

13)Exploring Dental Student Performance in Moral Reasoning Using the Defining Issues Test 2

14)Impact of Interviews on Dental Students’ Expressions of Cultural Competency.

15)Impacting Student Self-Efficacy and Beliefs of Medication Therapy Management Through a 2-week Elective

16)In Their Own Words

17)Influence of Preparatory Workshops on Dental Students Academic Performance and Stress on Their First Operative Dentistry Psychomotor Exam

18)Pharmacy Resident Teaching and Learning Curriculum Program Outcomes

19)Student Experiences in Practice-Based Small Animal Clerkships

20)The Impact of an Infant Oral Health Program on Attitudes and Practices of Predoctoral Students

21)Using a Student-Centered Orientation Program to Foster Community in the Veterinary Curriculum


Trainee Well-Being

1)Wellness Among Dental Students 2016