UF TMC Prostate Cancer Biorepository

The UF TMC Prostate Cancer Biorepository, housed in the UF CTSI Biorepository, currently has the following inventories (updated Nov. 22, 2019):

  • Plasma Biopsy – All
  • Plasma – Black or African American
  • Tissue and Plasma – Non-African American
  • Tissue and Plasma – Black or African American

CTSI Biorepository

The CTSI Biorepository provides a range of services to help investigators conduct research and generate publications in biobanking and improved patient care. Learn more about their available services and general biospecimen library. You can also peruse the CTSI Prostate Inventory (not specific to the U54; updated Nov. 22, 2019).

Ordering Specimens at UF

If you would like to order specimens, please complete the CaREĀ² Tissue Modeling Core Biospecimen Request Form. Note that you will need to submit specific information regarding your request, including proof of IRB approval, specific aims, statistical analysis, and detailed specimen information drawn from the above inventories. If you have questions prior to submitting your request, please contact the UF TMC Team.

University of Southern California (USC) TMC

The TMC will develop a robust, well-annotated biorepository of tissue samples from a racially and ethnically diverse Florida and California patient population and make them available to the CaRE2 Center investigators. To learn more about the USC TMC and their available specimens, please contact Dr. Wendy Cozen.